MIT Sloan School of Management


Artificial Intelligence:  Implications for Business Strategy

This certificate program from the MIT Sloan School of Management and the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) challenges common misconceptions surrounding AI and equipped me to embrace AI as part of a transformative toolkit. With a focus on the organizational and managerial implications of these technologies, rather than on their technical aspects, I am now armed with the knowledge and confidence I need to pioneer its successful integration in business.


Purdue University

GPA: 3.8

Concentration in Leadership Communication

In this intensive graduate program, I gained a robust understanding of the rapidly evolving communications landscape. My coursework placed a particular emphasis on strategic communications, public relations, digital media, and integrated marketing strategies. I have honed my skills in areas such as content creation, media analytics, crisis communication, and leadership in communication. Through various hands-on projects, I have had the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations, preparing me for diverse roles in the communications industry.

St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN

GPA: 3.697

I transferred here from Notre Dame to complete my Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education.

University of Notre Dame

GPA: 3.033

I began my undergraduate education at the University of Notre Dame. I completed three semesters there with general liberal arts courses after which I decided to pursue elementary education at Saint Mary’s College.