“Nancy provided absolutely excellent service to Campus Ministry at the University of Notre Dame. She was very attentive to detail, attuned to what would be eye-catching for our students, and sought to serve each program/ministry to the best of her abilities, whether designing a poster or creating a webpage. Every request was diligently responded to, and though we were only able to offer her 15 hours per week, she was able to get an amazing amount of work done during that time. We will miss her in Campus Ministry!”  –BRETT, NOTRE DAME CAMPUS MINISTRY


“Nancy provided graphic assistance for our office, both web-based and for campus posters. Nancy had many various staff members making such requests, but always responded immediately, completed all work requests quickly and efficiently, worked in a collaborative manner, and with great creativity. I would recommend her highly!” –KAREN, NOTRE DAME CAMPUS MINISTRY


“Nancy is a hard-working, creative, and dedicated professional. She always gets the job done!” –JOHN PAUL, NOTRE DAME CAMPUS MINISTRY